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Who we are

We are an independent platform providing solutions for our members.

We investigate and research all major investment classes across the value chain

We provide top of the line support services

We are an international team of industry professionals and family office practitioners

Our partners include those with the highest credit rating standards on the market, as rated by Moody’s Investors Service, Standard & Poor's Financial Services and Fitch Group.

We continuously find new options, opportunities and solutions on the ever changing market

Asset management relationships in top 20 financial cities worldwide, from Singapore to London and the USA

Access to over 192 exclusive hedge funds and emerging young alpha funds

Mutual Fund database with access to over 530,000 offerings

Fund of funds investment strategy for smaller portfolio investors

Residential and commercial property relationships with over 400 offices in over 52 countries worldwide

Partnerships with the world’s renowed investment and private banks

Global access to private placements, private equity, venture capital, and alternative strategy funds

Access to major structured products and securitization houses on well-known networks worldwide for OTC transactions, Exchange Traded Notes, Credit Linked Strategies, Asset Backed Securities and FX solutions

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17 Nov 2017 / Castle Private Solutions

Castle PS Market Update 17 November 2017

US House clears tax reform bill. House Republicans on Thursday passed a monumental bill to cut taxes on businesses and individuals, the biggest step yet in the GOP's once-in-a-generation effort to overhaul the American tax system. The tax reform plan passed the chamber with 227 votes in favor and 205 against. Read more...

16 Nov 2017 / Castle Private Solutions

Castle PS Market Update 16 November 2017

Republican Senator Ron Johnson opposes GOP tax bill. The lawmaker from Wisconsin is the first GOP senator to explicitly say he will not back the tax proposal. Johnson told The Wall Street Journal that the bill benefits corporations more than other businesses. "If they can pass it without me, let them," he told the newspaper, which first reported his opposition Read more...

15 Nov 2017 / Castle Private Solutions

Castle PS Market Update 15 November 2017

Janet Yellen admits that the Fed can be confusing. Federal Re-serve Chair Janet Yellen said Tuesday that one of the challenges for the cen-tral bank is how its multple members communicate with the public. Read more...

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Our Partners

Our Partners

Castle Private Solutions offerings and research came about from a realization that today’s financial products are increasingly technical, complicated and, most of all, further removed from true physical value. Investors and market participants have been highlighting the importance of diversification and uncorrelated returns from their traditional portfolios of bonds, equities, and traditional funds. Castle Private Solutions have proven a truly unique and innovative asset class that not only provides risk adjusted returns, but also high levels of multi-generational enjoyment.

To provide the best in premium quality assets it is essential to have access to global suppliers, distributors, experts, collectors, insurers, vaults, auction houses, and private buyers. Such business relationships take many years to form the requisite trust and understanding. At Castle Private Solutions, we have created a team of experts to create a synergistic platform across all market sectors to provide an end-to-end solution. Our partners include, but are not limited to, some of the world’s oldest private auction houses from the 1700’s, Royal Warrants, Asian auction houses and collectors and publicly listed dealers. The combined scope of operations is across every major continent in over 40 different countries including New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Discretion and privacy is of utmost importance to our company as well as to the partners we work with. All details furnished to us and our partners are kept strictly confidential and you will only work directly with our team to create an integrated global solution that suits your needs and requirements.